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FASST and CABAS®  Collaboration

On December 1, 2018, at the 9th International CABAS® Conference in Morristown, New Jersey, Dr. Grant Gautreaux announced the establishment of a new non-profit: the Foundation for the Advancement of a Strategic Science of Teaching (FASST.)

A core objective of FASST as outlined in the mission statement is to “…promote collaboration among those engaged in behavior analysis, to support development and expansion of a learner-driven science for all children…”  The founding FASST officers are Dr. Jessica Singer-Dudek, President; Dr. Kathy Matthews, Secretary; and Dr. Grant Gautreaux, Treasurer. 

Additional board members include Dr. Dolleen-Day Keohane, Dr. Ara Bahadourian, Kate Grant, Dr. Jennifer Weber, and ex-officio member Dr. R. Douglas Greer.  The 2021 board also includes Dr. Hye-Suk Lee Park, , Dr. Joan Broto, Dr. Daniel Fienup, and Janice Huber.   Given the alignment between the FASST mission and the CABAS® mission, the CABAS® Advisory Board unanimously voted to partner with FASST to continue to expand and develop CABAS® initiatives and other FASST endeavors.

CABAS® Teacher Training 


Our mission is to train teachers who have a strong commitment to teaching and student outcomes.  Our program uses a four-semester course sequence to teach components of teaching that have been identified in research and practice as best predictors of student learning.  Mastery of course components result in CABAS® Rank Competencies.  Contents include: (a) vocabulary of the science, (b) demonstration of mastery of teaching skills in the classroom, and (c) mastery of the scientific algorithm for solving learning, teaching, and curriculum problems interfering with individual children’s, and (d) using the science to accelerate student learning.

In January of 2018, the CABAS® Advisory Board launched a training program for special education teachers at the Fred S. Keller School in Yonkers.  The program was expanded to general education teachers at a public school in the fall of 2018.    The program is under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Weber.  Dr. Weber develops and oversees the program whose aim it is to train educators in the strategic science of teaching.  Upon completion of the program, educators have the necessary requisites to submit to the board for rank conferral.  When asked what is most exciting about her new endeavor, Dr. Weber replied “it’s not only seeing teachers become strategic scientists in their classrooms, it’s also being able to contribute to Dr. Greer’s commitment to the dissemination of the science and help his vision for teacher training become a reality.”

During the 2018-2019 school year, FASST board member Dr. Jen Weber supervised CABAS® teacher training to 13 teachers; 4 teachers at Fred S. Keller Rockland, 5 preschool teachers in Morristown, and 4 first grade teachers in Morristown. Dr. Weber noted the program is expanding to include a cohort with Rockland BOCES, a new cohort with teachers at The Fred S. Keller School, and a new general education elementary cohort in Morristown.  In September, the program will have 24 teachers beginning training through the FASST teacher training initiative.

For more about Teacher Training, click here.


For questions about the Teacher Training, contact Dr. Jen Weber at 

To learn more about CABAS schools, click here.

CABAS® Teacher Assistant Rank 

On April 12, 2019, Dr. Jessica Singer-Dudek, FASST President and CABAS® Advisory Board member announced a newly developed standardized Teacher’s Assistant rank.  Members of the CABAS® Advisory Board and the FASST board have unanimously voted to approve a standard Teacher’s Assistant (TA) rank for all CABAS® programs. The boards recognized that CABAS® schools were developing and implementing their own “pre-teacher” modules.   The rank was designed for teaching assistants or other entry level professionals who need to acquire basic prerequisite tacts and behaviors prior to initiating the CABAS® Teacher 1 rank. Individuals pursuing a TA rank must be supervised by a CABAS® Teacher 1 or higher ranked professional.   Dr. Dudek noted in her announcement that the development process included soliciting input from individuals across all of the CABAS® schools. 


CABAS® has been conferring ranks since 2000.  The addition of the TA rank brings the total ranks to 10; Teacher’s Assistant, Teacher I, Teacher II, Master Teacher, Assistant Behavior Analyst, Associate Behavior Analyst, Senior Behavior Analyst,   Assistant Research Scientist, Associate Research Scientist, and Senior Research Scientist.

Since 2000, more than 800 ranks have been conferred.  For more information about CABAS® rank conferral, visit

Initiatives Under Development

Teaching Assistant II Developing


The CABAS ® Professional Standards Committee is currently developing a new Teaching Assitant rank to follow the Teaching Assistant 1 rank.

CABAS®  TA Rank to Result in RBT Credential


Members of the CABAS® Board are currently developing materials and procedures for the TA rank to result in the Behavior Analyst Certification Board's RBT credential.

New Jersey Alternate Route Program


The New Jersey Department of Education has approved FASST as a teacher preparation program offering eligibility of Elementary Education Teacher Certification (Grades K-6).

Our Teacher Preparation program uses a strategic science of teaching to train teacher candidates seeking New Jersey teaching certification to utilize scientific procedures to instruct a diverse community of learners.  This teacher certification program offers those who wish to become a certified teacher in the state of New Jersey but do not wish to enroll in a university or college teacher certification program. 

Interested in Collaborating with FASST?

The FASST Board of Directors is accepting Initiative applications (funded and non-funded) from persons or organizations interested in collaborating with FASST to further its mission " promote collaboration among those engaged in behavior analysis, to support development and expansion of a learner- driven science of teaching for all children, to improve ongoing and future applications of  behavior analysis directly and through the education of those providing and receiving behavior analytic services, and to raise awareness of and otherwise link the public and behavior analyst  with evidence-based and otherwise scientifically sound behavior analytic resources."

Applications are accepted year-round and reviewed by the board at regularly scheduled board meetings and may be reviewed between board meetings at the board's discretion.  Applicants should be prepared to attend virtually to respond to board questions regarding the application.   Applications may be 1) funded - Grant request for financial support/expenditure from FASST for an initiative or 2) Non-funded- a request for collaboration/support for an initiative that does not require financial support/expenditure from FASST.

Applications should be completed in full and emailed to:  Click on the links below to download the applications.  Email questions to

Non-Funded Application                Grant Application (funded)

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