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The CABAS Mission Statement


We seek to develop and expand a learner driven science of teaching for all children, a science of practice that provides superior education based exclusively on scientific procedures. Our goals are to accelerate children’s learning, the ability to learn in new ways, and to acquire the ability to learn independently. It is also as important that children learn to expand their community of reinforcers, or passionate interests, as it is to teach them to do things they could not do without special instruction. It is not enough to learn to read fluently; rather, one must come to learn to love to read.  There are systematic scientific procedures to do this and we seek to provide them for children in our schools and to expand the science to do so for children in all schools!

In 2021, the CABAS Advisory Board unanimously voted to become an advisory group under the FASST board.  The FASST board also unanimously agreed to adopt the CABAS Advisory Board as a committee.  The relationship between the two groups began in 2018 when they both agreed to partner in their efforts to disseminate a strategic science of teaching.  To learn more about CABAS, click here. 

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