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The ELCAR, formerly known as the C-PIRK, has been organized around the theory of verbal development. The ELCAR components consist of Screenings, an Achievement Record, and a Verbal Behavior Development Assessment. Curricular repertoires and necessary verbal cups are included to maximize learner and teacher efficiency. The ELCAR package also includes training videos. The ELCAR replaces the C-PIRK and the VBDA (including the pyramids), with nearly every item updated, including:

  •   New curricular domain categories;

  •  New repertoires, many of which include specific operants to

    be assessed and taught;

  •  Instructions embedded within the assessment for many items;

  • New assessment criteria for most items;

  •  Four different screenings, including a reinforcer screening, observing response screening, verbal operant screening, and instructional readiness screening;

  •   Indicators for possible missing verbal behavior developmental cusps;

  • A new list of verbal behavior developmental cusps, protocols, and references;

  •   New VBDA charts for displaying cusps in the child’s repertoire;

  •   A materials packet that includes data collection sheets for

    many items and screenings within the ELCAR;

  •   A new updated manual that includes instructions for establishing curricular objectives and mastery criteria and pedagogical considerations for instruction based on cusps present in a child’s repertoire;

  •  Training videos


ELCAR (Early Learner Curriculum and Achievement Record) 2nd Ed.

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