FASST’s mission is to contribute to the well-being of society by promoting teaching, professional education, collaboration, research, and competency driven applications of the science of behavior analysis to solve problems in the home, school, community, and workplace through application in settings that include public, charter and private schools; clinics; learning centers; and in the context of tutoring.  FASST strives to create, promote, and otherwise enhance domestic and global dissemination of scientifically sound and otherwise reliable information on behavioral services and science, and to promote collaboration that advances this goal.  Core objectives of FASST are to promote collaboration among those engaged in behavior analysis, to support development and expansion of a learner- driven science of teaching for all children, to improve ongoing and future applications of  behavior analysis directly and through the education of those providing and receiving behavior analytic services, and to raise awareness of and otherwise link the public and behavior analyst  with evidence-based and otherwise scientifically sound behavior analytic resources.  


Supplemental Instructional Videos and Manuals for the ELCAR

The following instructional videos and manuals for identifying and establishing verbal behavior developmental cusps and capabilities are available for purchase:

1. Mirror Protocol to Induce Generalized Imitation

2. Conditioned Reinforcement for 2D Stimuli Protocol

3. Conditioned Reinforcement for Adults' Faces Protocol

4. Naming Protocol

5. Observational Learning Protocol  

6. Intensive Tact Protocol

To purchase, please contact Dr. Lin Du at dulinsuper@gmail.com

Non-Profit Status 

In May of 2019, FASST was granted federal 501(c)(3) non-profit status.  Non- profit status enables FASST to accept tax-deductible donations to further its mission to disseminate the science of behavior analysis and the strategic science of teaching for the benefit of all learners.


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